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Beijing Elementary School T6 vacuum hot water boiler

  • Product Name

    T6 vacuum hot water boiler

  • Use fuel

    Natural gas

  • Boiler Model

    T6-1400 (2 sets)

  • Application

    Heating industry

Customer reviews

School education is the foundation of China's development. Providing students with an environmentally friendly and healthy living environment is the top priority of our school. As winter approaches, FANGKUAI Boiler solves the problem of both heating and environmental protection, which helps us to provide winter heating.


Beijing is one of the most stringent cities in China for air pollution emission standards, and environmental governance is very strict. Beijing Elementary School is 100% invested in the quality of students' learning and living environment. In October 2017, Beijing Elementary School Emerald City Branch cooperated with FANGKUAI Boiler to sign two T6 vacuum series hot water boilers for winter heating.

Product advantage

This series of boilers has very obvious low-nitrogen environmental protection characteristics, and the total pre-mixed combustion technology can reduce the nitrogen oxide emission to below 20mg/Nm3; and the burner structure is simple in design and easy to operate, only need to operate the boiler control cabinet switch. The operating mode can be automatically turned on. The design of the U-shaped pipe, the wing tube and the condenser allows the boiler to greatly reduce the floor space while improving the thermal efficiency.


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