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4 1.2 MW electric hot water boilers in china

  • Product Name

    Electric hot water boiler

  • Use fuel

  • Boiler Model

    WDZ1,2-0,7 / 95/70-II (4 units)

  • Application


Customer reviews

When we explored the Chinese boiler market, we were very interested in other fast boilers, we have a number of patents for research and development and outstanding cases in various industries, which gave us confidence in this brand. After the cooperation, I fully felt the power of the FANGKUAI boiler and the good attitude of the service staff, and I looked forward to the next cooperation.


The project, in collaboration with the FANGKUAI boiler, is located in the Great Hall of the Peoples of North Korea and is the main venue for important meetings, such as the North Korean People's Congress. The hall has a total area of ​​30,000 square meters and mainly uses hot water boilers for heating and hot water. After a certain calculation, the FANGKUAI technical specialists produced four electric water heating boilers (WDZ1,2-0,7 / 95/70-II) with an output of 1.2 MW. The boiler uses electric energy and has neither exhaust gases nor heat loss, and thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%.

Product advantage

A series of hot water boilers has obvious advantages, such as environmental protection, cleanliness, no pollution, no noise, fully automatic, etc. The boiler is designed with direct thermoelectric heating pipes, which is more convenient to replace and maintain, and has a low surface load that effectively expands the possibilities of using boilers. Life expectancy. With the reduction of limited energy sources and a significant increase in prices, electric heating boilers are becoming more and more recognized as new boiler equipment. In the future, electric heating boilers will have unlimited development opportunities and markets.


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