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North Korea 4 sets of 1.2MW electric heating hot water boilers

  • Product Name

    Electric Hot Water Boiler

  • Use fuel


  • Boiler Model

    WDZ1.2-0.7/95/70-II(4 sets)

  • Application

    Heating industry

Customer reviews

The 8 atmospheric pressure electric heating hot water boilers provided by FANGKUAI Boiler are designed for our company. The number of running boilers can be set by the control system, which greatly reduces energy consumption and has extremely convenient operation. Looking forward to the next cooperation.


This company that cooperates with FANGKUAI Boiler is located in Kazakhstan. It’s mainly engaged in the manufacture of petroleum equipment. Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, and the coldest temperatures in winter can be as low as minus 19 ° C. Therefore, the company needs to purchase hot water boiler equipment for heating. FANGKUAI Boiler has customized 8 atmospheric pressure electric heating hot water boilers with a output of 0.176MW (CWDR0.176-95/70-II). The boiler can flexibly adjust the number of operating units according to weather changes and user needs, avoiding the waste of electricity and energy.

Product advantage

This type of boiler uses electricity as an energy source, has no pollution hazards, and has no concern about heat loss. The boiler can be operated without noise and fully automatic, and can also operate as usual in places where there is a large flow of people, which will not affect people's normal work and life.


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