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0.47 MW vertical hot water boiler in Mongolia

  • Product Name

    Vertical boiler

  • Use fuel

    Natural gas

  • Boiler Model

    CLHS0.47-95 / 70-Y.Q

  • Application


Customer reviews

According to our study of the boiler industry in China, the FANGKUAI boiler boiler has significant experience in the research and development of highly efficient and energy-saving boiler equipment. The hot water boiler provided at this time has sufficient performance and high efficiency, which saves us a lot of fuel. The cost brought infinite warmth to our company in the cold winter.


The company, which collaborates with FANGKUAI Boiler, is a construction company based in Mongolia, which has a total of 5000 square meters of office buildings and staff premises, and also meets the needs of workers in a bathhouse and hot water for domestic needs. After fully understanding the situation at FANGKUAI, the boiler set up a vertical pressure boiler of normal pressure (CLHS0.47-95 / 70-YQ) with a capacity of 0.47 MW and two sets of boilers. The heat exchanger can simultaneously meet the different temperature requirements of heating and bathing in the office and hostel.

Product advantage

This type of boiler has a very high safety factor. The upper part of the boiler is equipped with an open air hole. The internal working pressure is always balanced with atmospheric pressure and there is no danger of explosion due to pressure. The boiler is equipped with 2 sets of heat exchange equipment, which can simultaneously produce two different temperatures of hot water to meet the different needs of users.


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