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FANGKUAI Group with the ASME certificate of gas boilers

From April 15-16, the joint ASME inspection team, appointed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, conducted an on-site audit of our ASME quality control system and demonstration products. After a thorough and thorough audit, the Joint Auditor General (AIS) officially announced: “The FANGKUAI Boiler passed the on-site audit and recommended that ASME issue: certificate and seal of the energy boiler (S) and pressure vessel (U).”

ASME is an abbreviation of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which is mainly dedicated to the development of relevant standards in mechanical engineering and has been recognized by most countries in the world. Obtaining an ASME certificate is the only way for FANGKUAI boilers, pressure vessels and other products to enter the international market. Obtaining an ASME certificate and stamping means obtaining a “passport” for exporting products to the international market.

Our company has been preparing for the ASME certification project since 2018 and is preparing for the project at the beginning of the year, and since January of this year, the project has entered a critical stage of implementation.

The Group’s quality system, technical department, production system, research and development system and other departments, with the help of experts, overcame many difficulties, worked overtime and completed various preparatory work on time. Participants often give their personal rest time, go to work to study and learn ASME, and the staff at the forefront works overtime doing practical exercises. Under the guidance of the core values ​​of professionalism and frugality, all members of the company continued their efforts to resolve all kinds of problems raised by the joint review team and passed ASME certification at the same time.

At the last meeting, on April 16, the president of the company, Mr. Lu Haigang, expressed gratitude to the joint audit team for its hard work and the efforts of the relevant staff of the company, who expressed their sincere admiration for the strict work style and professional technical level of the joint audit team.

Ms. Jiang Lianyu, quality assurance department, said she would continue to improve the ASME quality control system to ensure the production of state-of-the-art ASME standards products.

In accordance with the ASME certification process, after conducting an on-site audit, our company will receive a certificate and a seal within 20 business days, which will be another important step in the history of our company.


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