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Which type of boiler is best for paper packaging

Recently, there are many users in the paper packaging industry to consult the FANGKUAI boiler, “Which boiler to use?”, “How to choose the tonnage of the boiler” and other questions.

The paper packaging industry mainly produces cardboard boxes that are widely used for packaging, transportation and everyday life. So how to choose boiler equipment for the production of cardboard boxes?

In the manufacture of cardboard, the main thing is to rely on the corrugator. In the manufacturing process of corrugated cardboard using a corrugator, the raw paper must be heated before it is turned into cardboard to control the humidity of the cardboard. After applying the adhesive, the temperature of the steam will dry, so that it sticks tightly.

Corrugated board forming equipment is heated with oil and steamed. As a rule, steam is removed from the boiler and then connected to the heating shaft of the equipment. When the original paper is corrugated, two layers or layers of corrugated paper are formed at the same time. Pack and shape. From an integrated market perspective, steam heating can reduce the cost of cartoning plants.

The use of steam boilers in the cardboard industry is also the main focus of printing: the use of thermal energy is high, energy savings and environmental protection are not polluted, and mobile use is very convenient. Reducing the cost of cardboard packaging does not dare: coated cardboard can be dried with high-temperature steam to make it more durable and help the company stand out in the new process of printing on a cardboard box.


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